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A climate bill with no targets is like...YOUR ANSWERS

7 Dec 2012

Phil Hogan has promised to publish the Government's draft climate Bill before Christmas. But now he is saying that the Bill will not contain any emissions targets for 2020 or 2050. We need you to make sure he knows that's just pointless. We have an email action that makes the basic argument but we'vre asked you to complete the subject line of the email yourself. 

Here are some of the great entries that have been sent already.

The best entry will win a €25 book token.

A climate law without targets is like...

  • Santa with no presents
  • a ladder with no rungs
  • a bicycle without a chain - it looks eco-friendly but it won't get us anywhere.
  • a bicycle with no handlebars. You can push it forward but it's got no direction.
  • The labour party without Roisin Shorthall
  • a country without responsible banking regulation. Look where this got us !
  • A River without River Bed
  • a politician without a vote
  • a bicycle with no wheels ... It's going nowhere
  • a calendar without dates
  • a three legged greyhound ... going nowhere fast
  • Santa without a Sleigh
  • a pen with no ink
  • a compass without a needle
  • a pub with no beer
  • driving a car at high speed, intentionally, into a brick wall while ordering everyone on board not to wear a seatbelt.
  • Fish and chips without the fish ... Or the chips
  • Hogan without a Stand
  • a tractor with no wheels
  • a referee without a whistle
  • trying to be indepth but leaving out the d and h
  • a waterproof teabag USELESS !!!!
  • a government with no credibility
  • a rope made of sand
  • Katie Taylor with no opponent, or a Bolt race with no clock (they are great but who knows how great without something to aim for or benchmark against)
  • air with no oxygen
  • a wagon without wheels
  • like Santa with out children
  • a ship without a rudder
  • a game of football with no net
  • a hurling game without posts.
  • a dartboard without a bullseye
  • Christmas without Santa  IT WON'T DELIVER!
  • a bus without a driver.
  • a race with no finish line
  • a bow without an arrow
  • a poem without words
  • a Minister without a portfolio.
  • a planet with no future.
  • a winter with no spring
  • a bike without a chain
  • a square football pitch with no goals
  • a bird without its wings  it just won't fly!
  • a body without a brain
  • a winter with no Christmas!
  • Tom selleck without a moustache
  • feeding a turkey a hand grenade so as to spread the Christmas cheer.
  • HUMANS without BRAINS
  • dancing in the dark with your own shadow. A bit pointless.
  • a circling plane load of passengers with no destination.
  • a chicken without a head.
  • a planet without people!
  • a Christmas present without batteries
  • a cycle race without a finish line
  • a complete waste of time, man!
  • a ship without a compass.
  • Mary Poppins with no carpet bag.
  • a lorry without brakes.
  • a recipe for a cake with no measurements
  • a government with no policies.
  • Santa without his reindeer, full of great intentions but can't make a difference.
  • a child with no future.
  • A cat with no claws.
  • Ireland without a rainbow!
  • love/hate without the gangsters
  • a leaky bucket
  • sex without a partner
  • soccer without balls
  • a train without tracks
  • a printer with no paper !
  • a road sign with no destination
  • words with no meaning
  • a dog chasing his tail
  • attacking a cloud with a hurly
  • having a rudderless ship in a storm.....of no use to saving life.
  • Homer without his doughnut
  • going to the toilet but pissing on the floor!
  • going to sea in a sieve
  • a singer without a song.
  • a wood without trees
  • a sandwich without any filling

You can still take the action yourself.

And read our response to Minister Hogan's speech at the UN climate conference in Doha.


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