Climate Change

5 takeaways from COP27

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Friends of the Earth’s energy policy officer, Clare O’Connor, has returned from COP 27 in Sharm El-Sheikh in Egypt.  She sets out below her …

Ireland’s ranking improves slightly in annual Climate Change Performance Index to 37th

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“Government’s adoption and implementation of measures to cut pollution is still …

Ireland at COP27: From Loss and Damage to a Fossil Fuel Treaty

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Can we show global solidarity and climate leadership at the UN Climate Talks?  Join us for a …

Webinar: Raise your voice for climate action

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This webinar will kick-start a month of campaigning for radical climate action. The Government will be making big decisions on …

Take our e-action to support the Race to Zero

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The Government will be making big decisions on three key climate policies in the next six weeks and we want our voices ringing in …

Ireland 'must do its EU homework' before UN climate talks in 4 weeks

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European Commission gives Ireland and 3 other countries a final warning for not submitting a …