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Snowmen protest demands Climate Bill as the Green party's legacy on climate hangs in the balance.

4 Dec 2010

Friends of the Earth activists built snowmen in the grounds of the Department of the Environment to demand that John Gormley delivers the Climate Bill. The snowmen protest took place on Friday morning, with placards that read "No Climate Bill, sNOw Thanks" and "Hey John, Where's Your Climate Bill?"

Molly Walsh Policy Officer with Friends of the Earth said

"The Greens absolutely must keep their promise and publish the Climate Bill before Christmas. They still have a chance to end a year of delay on a successful note. All that these snowmen want for Christmas is a Climate Bill."


The Cabinet finally agreed a Climate Bill two weeks ago, almost a year after the Government agreed and published a Framework Document for climate legislation. A draft Bill had been promised for the first quarter of 2010. In his Carbon Budget speech to the Dáil last December Minister Gormley said the Climate Change Bill was "sending out a message to people here and beyond our shores of our intent, our determination, our sense of purpose in tackling climate change. It is a message that I am proud to take to Copenhagen." One year on Gormley still has nothing to show for his determination and has nothing to take to the UN talks this year.

Oisin Coghlan Director of Friends of the Earth stated.

"Minister Gormley is running out of road. It was interesting when he announced the Greens' intention to leave Government last week the media assessments (Irish Independent and RTE News) of their time in Government all mentioned their failure to deliver the Climate Change Bill. There is still time to put that right, but only just."

Friends of the Earth has launched an email action to the Green Party parliamentary party to remind them of why they went into Government and of their latest promise to publish the Climate Bill before Christmas: All I want for Christmas.



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