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Make a monthly donation by direct debit.

Our campaigns are powered by you. Your support makes them possible. And your participation makes them powerful. Everything you give will go straight to our campaigning work. Our admin costs are covered by other income. Anything you can afford will make a difference. We campaign on a shoestring so every donation makes a real difference.

Join our Sustainers Circle: use the form below to start or increase a monthly direct debit. (If you'd prefer to make a once-off donation for now, click here.)

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SEPA Direct Debit

You are signing up to make monthly direct debit donations to Friends of the Earth under the SEPA Direct Debit scheme in place since August 2014.

  • Once you submit this online form we are required to send you a letter confirming the details of your direct debit donation and your rights under the scheme.
  • Direct debit payments to Friends of the Earth will leave your bank account on the 1st of each month, or on the nearest bank working day after the 1st.
  • You have the right to cancel your direct debit at any time.
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