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Ireland joins ";Beyond Oil & Gas Alliance"; during COP26 Climate Talks

Ireland has become a member of the first diplomatic initiative to phase out fossil fuel extraction Today …

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Climate Plan: A roadmap for resilience and hope

A relentless focus on delivery and a ratcheting up of the sectoral targets and actions are now essential   In an initial …

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Five things to watch for in today's Climate Plan

Friends of the Earth has laid out five question the Government's Climate Action Plan, due to be published later today, needs …

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Taoiseach's speech marks a step change in political leadership on climate

The real test will be the Climate Action Plan Reacting to the Taoiseach's speech at COP26 today (and

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Fairness must be at the heart of Ireland’s climate action

Taoiseach addresses COP and Government finalises landmark Action Plan Detailed COP briefing here As the Taoiseach …

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Poll finds overwhelming public support for plan to halve climate pollution

Three times as many people think the impact of climate action will be "mostly positive" as think it …

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