Watch it Back - Agriculture's Contribution to Climate Action Webinar

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Ireland needs the agriculture sector to make a real contribution to emissions reduction if we are going to do anything like our fair share to contain climate breakdown and fulfil the Paris Agreement.

But how much? And how? This debate can be fraught with confusing scientific information and no little spinning. Well, we're here to try and untangle it for you.

Watch our recent webinar on What Contribution can Agriculture make to Climate Action where were joined by our policy expert Sadhbh O'Neill to explain what's going on, along with Oonagh Duggan of BirdWatch Ireland and Ailbhe Gerrard of Brookfield Farm.

Watch it back here.

The news is full of the need for at least 7% a year emissions reductions. But what does that actually mean for the agriculture sector and land-use more generally? Does it necessarily mean a herd reduction? And what about the role that forestry, hedgerows and soils can make in absorbing carbon? Sadhbh will take us through the science, and discuss some of the ways that agricultural emissions can be reduced. Oonagh will discuss the role that agriculture plays in biodiversity, and Ailbhe will talk about what it means to earn a livelihood from the land, and how climate policy needs to contribute to rural development.

This is a chance to sit back, listen in and skill up so that when we get in touch with politicians again, we are ready.