SunRise for Climate September 21st

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Join our next sunrise gathering on Saturday September 21st - the day after the Global Climate Strike. Let's take some time together to unwind, recoup and reflect after all the organising and mobilising in the lead up to the strike.


In July we hosted just one gathering in Dublin, but we realise that's not possible for everyone - and we want to share this moment with all of you. So we are inviting communities to get together all across Ireland to get up at sunrise and gather somewhere beautiful in nature in your area.

There are no words to describe the atmosphere on June 21st, when almost 200 people came together for our first sunrise swim. It was surreal, it was like magic. And that stuff is infectious, so we are doing it again and we want to share it will all of you!

There will be #SunRise swims at all of these lovely places:

  • Clonakilty, West Cork
  • Corbally baths, Limerick
  • Blackrock, Galway- Lough Owel,
  • Mullingar- Lough Lene, Westmeath
  • Portmarnock, Dublin
  • Seapoint, Dublin
  • Dunfanaghy, Donegal
  • Colraine, Derry
  • Ballycastle, Antrim
  • Cranfield, Newry

In fact, we want to do this four times a year to mark the seasons and connect with nature. Let's get everyone who's taking a stand to protect the future of our planet together to enjoy and celebrate the beauty of nature, and the global community that is rising to protect it.

Visit the event page to find your local sunrise gathering. If you don't have one near you - why not be the host!

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We often feel like we're all alone in this fight, we are living in a society that has us isolated and disconnected us from one another and from nature. But there is great power when we come together. And nature provides all the good stuff to keep us going too.

Please note we all swim at our own risk and there will be no lifeguards present. Not everyone who comes has to swim, you can dip your toe if that makes you happy. Just come along and be part of this beautiful moment together.

This is a free event, but you can make a small donation after registration to support Friends of the Earth's work on climate.

Let's rise for climate!

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