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We’re delighted to announce that we’ve a new series of Learning Hub events kicking off soon! We’ll be using films, eco-poetry, graphic design, books and more to delve into how the arts affect activism, community energy, climate anxiety and campaigning against new gas.

The first two events of this new series, “Speaking the Predicament” will take place on Monday 7th February and Monday 21st February, both running from 6pm to 8pm. In these interactive sessions, we’ll explore film screenings, shared reading and open dialogue as practices that can help to build resilience, clarity and purpose. You’ll need to register for our new Learning Hub Series to join these events and other workshops in the series.

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Our “Speaking the Predicament” events will examine how film-makers, poets and graphic artists reflect on environmental crises in ways that create deeper and more complex ecological awareness. In our first event on 7th February we’ll watch clips of work by the award-winning Austrian film-maker Nikolaus Geyrhalter, looking at how his films Homo sapiens and Earth use visual language, silence and sound to create an absorbing, atmospheric reflection on how humans impact the planet.

Click here to join us for “Speaking the Predicament One” on 7th February

Our second event will showcase contemporary poetry and graphic art, exploring how language and images can open up new forms of ecological consciousness. Film-makers, poets and artists can confront us with stark visions of humanity’s destructive tendencies while also making space for the emotions and responses that arise from clear-sightedness. These sessions highlight shared viewing, reading and dialogue as effective tools that can help us to process ecological loss, enabling us to think towards the future together.

Click here to join us for “Speaking the Predicament Two” on Monday 21st February

The 2022 Learning Hub series will also look at community energy, climate anxiety, and campaigning against new fossil gas. We’ll discuss how to navigate climate anxiety while keeping hope and activism alive. We’ll look at books and other materials to inspire action for our campaigns on Community Energy and No New Gas.

We really hope you can join us for these events! In the meantime, you can watch recordings from some of the events in our last Learning Hub Series here.


It is thanks to Irish Aid that we are able to fund this Learning Hub as part of our Global Citizenship Education programme. These events are taking place in collaboration with University College Cork, supported by the Irish Research Council.


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