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Is it time to start blowing up pipelines?

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Our next two Learning Hub events will explore the question of how far we should go to address climate breakdown. They will draw on themes from Andreas Malm's book "How to Blow up a Pipeline".

9th May 2022: Webinar: Is it time to start blowing up pipelines? 

Starting at 6pm, we’ll be discussing confrontational tactics for climate action in a webinar with guest speaker Andreas Malm, author of How to Blow Up A Pipeline. We’ll have a discussion about diverse climate action tactics - past and present - with activist, academic and political perspectives.  With so many issues and perspectives to ponder it should prove to be a fascinating conversation - as we explore and interrogate how far we should go to put the brakes on climate breakdown

23rd May 2022: Interactive workshop: Is it time to start blowing up pipelines?

An online interactive discussion-based workshop to allow participants to share their own views on the questions raised in our webinar with Andreas Malm and in the book "How to Blow up a Pipeline". We’d love to hear your thoughts on what climate action tactics and strategies you personally believe to be most effective! Are there movements that have inspired you? The more viewpoints we hear from, the more rich the conversation - so we’d love you to join this discussion! Start time is 7pm.

It is thanks to Irish Aid that we are able to fund this Learning Hub as part of our Global Citizenship Education programme.

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Is it time to start blowing up pipelines?

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