COP26 won't deliver Climate Justice but we can! Ways to take action this weekend

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Less than 48 hours to go until the Global Day of Action for Climate Justice! And if ever there was a need for climate justice it is now. 

The COP26 climate talks are underway and it’s been hard to stomach. Rich countries have failed to commit to their fair share of emission reductions. As a result, the climate action pledges submitted so far would leave us with 2.7 to 3 degrees of warming, far from the 1.5 degree limit we so badly need.

Not only that, but rich countries have broken their promises to provide climate finance to help poorer countries deal with climate impacts and roll out their own climate action plans.

Meanwhile a combination of vaccine apartheid, UK visa and accreditation regulations, unaffordable accommodation and changing travel rules have locked delegates and activists from the global South out of the talks.

The voices of those who are most impacted by the climate crisis - and who bring the most ambitious demands to climate negotiations, have been silenced.

At the same time hundreds of representatives from the world’s most reckless fossil fuel companies have managed to wiggle their way into COP26 where they will promote false solutions like carbon markets and offsetting, nature based solutions and loophole-ridden net zero pledges.

We can’t stay silent in the face of such injustice. It’s time to raise our voices and demand climate justice. 

Click here to register for the march in Dublin or Cork this Saturday

Click here to register for the online rally on Saturday evening

Click here for a list of demonstrations in other parts of Ireland


Despite all the bad news there is something different, more positive about the COP climate talks this year. Something which sets COP26 apart from the twenty five COPs that have come before it. People power. Despite a global pandemic, climate justice movements are building and growing all over the world. Demanding radical action and real solutions.

In Ireland too the power of the climate movement is greater than ever before. The media have noticed and politicians have noticed. The amount of media coverage dedicated to climate change has skyrocketed. And it was interesting to hear a change in tone from the Taoiseach when he spoke to COP26 in Glasgow. Of course, words are one thing, action is quite something else.

The big test will be the Climate Action Plan due to be published today. And the ultimate test will be whether that plan will be translated into actual action over the coming months and years. Our emission reduction targets need to be ramped up too - at the moment they are still far below our fair share of global action. To make that happen we’ve got to campaign harder than ever before. We’ve got to organise as activists and build our power. So will you join us on Saturday? And could you bring a friend or someone who's new to the climate movement with you?

Click here to register for the march in Dublin or Cork this Saturday

Click here to register for the online rally on Saturday evening

Click here for a list of demonstrations in other parts of Ireland


 COP26 day of action for climate justice

The march in Dublin is being organised by grassroots groups and trade unions in response to the call to action from the civil society COP26 Coalition in the UK. Friends of the Earth staff will be meeting outside the Hugh Lane gallery at 12 noon so that we can join the march together. You’d be really welcome to join us too !

Click here to register for the march in Dublin

No matter where you take action on Saturday, whether it’s on the streets or online, don’t forget to take some photos to tweet or email to your local TDs. Hashtags will include #GlobalDayofAction for #ClimateJustice and #COP26. If you fancy making some placards for the action day you might like to check out the COP26 coalition’s global demands and messaging guide here for some ideas on placard demands or slogans. We also have a Friends of the Earth briefing about COP26 here

People's Summit poster

Can’t make it on the 6th? There are COP26 action opportunities on other days too! The COP26 Coalition in the UK is holding a People's Summit for Climate Justice from the 7th to the 10th November. They’ve an exciting programme of events, some of which you can join online. View the programme and register for events here.

Click here to view the People's Summit programme and register for events

Here's to a great day of action for climate justice on Saturday!

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