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A climate Bill without targets? Practically pointless, says Progressio Ireland

28 Feb 2013

Progressio Ireland expresses "extreme disappointment" with the weak climate bill that has been published today.

"We are extremely disappointed with the draft Heads of Bill we see published today." said Dr Judith Turbyne, director of Progressio Ireland. "It is too weak to take us where we need to get to, which is a reduction of about 90% in our emissions by 2050. We had hoped for much more. If a target is not included, then ultimately we will be letting down the millions of people who are living at the sharp and
dangerous end of climate change".

Progressio Ireland is a passionate proponent of a strong climate bill for Ireland. People living in the poorest and most marginalised communities around the world are those who most feel the negative impacts of climate change.

"We are increasingly seeing these impacts in our work", added Turbyne. "Ireland, as a nation that has benefited from the unlimited use of carbon in its development, needs to put in place a bill that can have some real impact on its emissions into the future."

It is therefore deeply worrying that the draft Heads of Bill that has been published today lacks a target for 2050. This lack of a target will result in uncertainty in government policy. The resulting legislation will be too weak to deliver the reduction of emissions at an appropriate level.

Progressio Ireland is a member of Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of 27 groups that is working together on climate change and that has been campaigning for a strong Climate Bill over the last couple of years.


Notes to editors:
1. For more information please contact Progressio's communications officer Franziska Fehr at
2. Progressio Ireland is an independent Irish international development organisation that is part of
the Progressio family. Through our skill-sharing and development worker programme we work
in partnership with local organisations in 11 countries to facilitate people's active participation
in their own development. Contributing to structural policy change at a global level is
fundamental to our work. Our key areas are participation/ effective governance and sustainable
3. Progressio Ireland is a member of Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of 27 groups that is working
together on climate change. For more information see



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