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A climate Bill without targets won't provide certainty, says Stop Climate Chaos

26 Feb 2013

Climate coalition slams proposed legislation as "too weak to work".

Stop Climate Chaos, the coalition of 27 groups working together on climate change have expressed frustration at the weakness of draft climate legislation published today. Their main concern is that the proposed legislation doesn't have targets for reductions in carbon emissions.

Responding to the draft Heads of Bill, Sorley McCaughey from Christian Aid said,
"This Bill doesn't have what is needed to be effective. Without a named target for 2050 there isn't certainty surrounding government policy, and the legislation won't deliver a low carbon Ireland. It is simply too weak to work."

"The Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change has indicated that developed countries like Ireland must reduce our emissions by 80 to 95% by 2050. There is no justification for omitting this solid scientifically based objective from the Bill", said Ciara Kirrane from Trócaire.

"Economic transition to a low-carbon economy is a long-t erm goal and emissions targets should be set for every 5 year period up to a decarbonised economy in 2050. Without targets there is nothing in the Bill to drive the transition." said Ciara Gaynor from Oxfam.

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