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No Fracking Ireland Present Greg Palast

28 Jun 2012

Vultures' Picnic: In Pursuit of Petroleum Pigs, Power Pirates and High-Finance Predators.

"Doggedly independent, undaunted by power. Palast's stories bite, they're so relevant they threaten to alter history"
-Chicago Tribune


Russell and Donnelly Cafe, Monday July 2nd - 1pm

Bush Hotel, Monday July 2nd - 8pm

Connolly Books, Temple Bar, Tuesday July 3rd - 1pm

The Ireland Institute, 27 Pearse St. D2, Tuesday July 3rd - 7.30pm

*Admission Free

Palast is recipient of the George Orwell Courage in Journalism Prize for his BBC television documentary, Bush Family Fortunes.

With his most recent publication Vulture's Picnic - the New York Times bestselling author of Armed Madhouse offers a globetrotting, Sam Spade-style investigation that blows the lid off the oil industry, the banking industry, and the governmental agencies that aren't regulating either.

This is the story of the corporate vultures that feed on the weak and ruin our planet in the process-a story that spans the globe and decades.
For Vultures' Picnic Palast built a team that reads like a casting call for a Hollywood thriller - a Swiss multilingual investigator, a punk journalist, and a gonzo cameraman-to reveal how environmental disasters like the Gulf oil spill, the Exxon Valdez, and lesser-known tragedies such as Tatitlek and Torrey Canyon are caused by corporate corruption, failed legislation, and, most interestingly, veiled connections between the financial industry and energy titans.

He is bringing his insights into the global hydrofracking rush to Ireland at the request of local anti-fracking campaigners. He, as a long term resident of New York, has had a front row seat in a conflict raging there between multinational oil and gas companies and a mass campaign who do not want the Marcellus Shale to be fracked.

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