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Applicants wanted for Young Friends of the Earth

22 Apr 2009

Young Friends of the Earth Europe are looking for 30 young people who are aged between 18-30 yrs old, living in Europe to be part of their Climate Team. The Climate Team will mobilse young people to go the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen this December, to train other young people in their own countries, and do actions, media or lobbying (one of these not all) at the conference itself.

Apply now

Applicants should ideally have a little experience in one of the following:

- actions (direct, non-violent, street and theatre actions)
- mass coordination (coordination of large groups, logistics)
- media (video, web 2.0, classical press work)
- climate policy and lobbying work

2009 is the pivotal year for climate change. In December governments from around the world will meet in Copenhagen to negotiate and
agree measures to stop climate change. Before then we need to be loud and clear that this is our future and our planet that they are
negotiating, and that we as young people demand justice for the people and the planet.

"Act Now! The Young Friends of the Earth Climate project" is for young people from all over Europe who are ready to work together and take climate action and make 2009 the turn-around year of international climate politics.

Young Friends of the Earth Europe are looking for 30 highly motivated European climate activists. This group will form the youngfoe climate
team. The team will participate in climate actions from June 2009 until the UN climate change conference (COP15) in Copenhagen. The
members of the youngfoe climate team will follow the UN negotiations and act as multipliers to engage more young Europeans in climate
actions and pressure governments to agree on the needed drastic measures in Copenhagen.

To apply, go to:
Applications are open until April 26th.

The youngfoe climate team will meet on three occasions:

June 2 - 7: The team will meet in Bonn parallel to intermediate UN climate negotiations. Here we will conduct a 'train the trainer' seminar
for the team (delivering training in action, media, climate policy), whilst also participating in an action camp of the wider international youth
climate movement, and have the opportunity to be involved directly in the UN climate negotiations and politics

Oct. 8 - 11: The team will facilitate four parallel regional youth climate conferences in Germany, France, Sweden and Ireland

Dec. 5 - 19: The team will participate in the UN climate change conference in Copenhagen as accredited youth observer and cooperate with
the international youth climate movement. The group will be split in an 'inside' and 'outside' climate team.

Members of the youngfoe climate team are asked to participate in all three events and take ownership of the project and actively shape it
themselves, and use it to organise amazing activities and mobilise other young people back at home!

If you cannot join all events but still want to apply, we still want to hear from you and encourage you to apply! Please apply and explain your
situation or contact us.

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