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Friends of The Earth Welcomes climate Change Bill

14 Jan 2009

"Government should support bill or introduce its own"

Friends of the Earth has welcomed the publication of an extensive Climate Change Bill by the Labour Party. The bill would put into law emission reduction targets of 30% by 2020 and 80% by 2050. Under the proposed law the Taoiseach would be responsible for ensuring these targets are met. The Taoiseach would have a duty to set carbon budgets for five year periods and would be accountable to the Dail for their implementation.

Commenting on the bill, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisin Coghlan, said:

"Only a law will show that Ireland is serious about rising to the climate challenge. We've talked about tackling climate change for 10 years while our emissions kept rising. A law sends the message that finally we're going to take action."

"The introduction of a Climate Change Bill in the Dail is a significant opportunity for Ireland to show that we mean business on climate change. We would urge the government to support the bill or introduce its own."

Friends of the Earth believes that a law is needed to ensure that the whole of government is committed to tackling climate change and that this and all future governments keep the issue at the heart of policy-making.

2009 is a particularly important year for climate change policy. UN Negotiations to agree a sucessor to the Kyoto Protocol will culminate with a summit in Copenhagen in December. A law is the only thing that will give Ireland credibility at these international talks.

After a three year campaign by Friends of the Earth, a climate change law was passed in Britain last year.

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