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It's time for Europe to lead

25 Sep 2008

2008 timetolead_foe_150x150 Friends of the Earth have joined with Greenpeace, CAN (Climate Action network) and WFF to challenge European politicians to lead the world in fighting climate change. Greenhouse gas emissions caused by human activities have already increased the global average temperature by 0.8°C compared to pre-industrial times. Further increases in these emissions will inevitably lead to higher temperatures. The EU's own target is to keep global warming below 2°C, its time for MEPs to become European leaders to keep emissions low enough for this to happen.

Visit the campaign website at

The campaign will keep citizens up to date with discussions on the EU's energy package, what they mean for global temperatures, and who in Europe is taking the lead in fighting climate change. It aims to pressure decision-makers in Europe to agree a strong energy package consistent with keeping global warming below 2°C.

Phase one of the campaign focuses on MEPs. The campaign was officially launched earlier this month at a day of action outside the European Parliament. Answerphone messages from European citizens concerned about climate change were broadcast and MEPs were challenged to "answer the call" to act. 12 MEPs responded to the challenge and were filmed and photographed committing to take voting positions consistent with avoiding the most catastrophic effects of global warming. A video featuring these MEPs has already been distributed in the parliament to pressure others to also take the lead. You can watch the video at;

These MEPs will also be featured on the campaign website - The site features an interactive thermometer which plots the implications for global temperature rises of the different policy options under discussion. The site is being updated regularly to reflect the latest developments in the energy package discussion. People can take action on the site by emailing their MEPs to ask them to take the lead in the energy package discussions in parliament.

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