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Stop Climate Change asks “Just how green is Ireland?”

14 Mar 2008

Coalition launches campaign leaflet for Patrick's Day

Stop Climate Chaos, a coalition of development, environment, youth and faith based organisations, is sending every TD a copy of its new campaign leaflet which graphically illustrates Ireland's shocking pollution record. As our public representatives board the shamrock express this St Patrick's week "So, Just How Green Is Ireland?" highlights how far we have to go to do our fair share to prevent runaway climate change.

Click here to open a flash animation version of the leaflet.


We're so far from green that, per person, we're the sixth most polluting country in the industrialised world.

We're so far from green that if the rest of the world polluted like us, we would need three planet Earths to sustain us.

The campaign leaflet shows that Ireland emits more climate-changing pollution per person than China, India and Sweden put together, and is not living up to its green image.

We're so far from green that while poor countries like Malawi suffer the worst effects of climate change, each of us produces100 times more carbon emissions that the average African.

Gavin Harte, a Stop Climate Chaos spokesperson, said:
"Unless Ireland does its fair share to cut pollution the green image which government ministers present when flying around the world for St. Patrick's Day will be as genuine as a plastic shamrock.

There is no way out of Ireland's emissions reductions. By 2050 each of us, globally, must emit no more than two tonnes of climate-changing pollution annually if we are to stop the climate becoming dangerously unstable."


The Swedes emit 7.4 tonnes per person per year. The Chinese emit 3.9 tonnes, the Indians 1.6. As for the Malawians? They don't even emit one tonne each a year.

Dr. David McNair, Policy and Advocacy Officer for Christian Aid Ireland said:
"The Government has a clear moral responsibility to limit greenhouse gas emissions immediately and to ensure that the next international agreement gives the poor the means to cope with the effects of climate change."

Stop Climate Chaos believes Ireland has yet to live up to this responsibility. To press for action each leaflet has a postcard addressed to the Taoiseach calling for legislation to enshrine his government's commitment to reduce Ireland's emissions by 3% a year in law. The postcard also urges Bertie Ahern to make sure the next Budget puts a price on carbon across the whole economy and that developing countries receive sufficient, accessible and additional finance to enable them to adapt to the impacts of climate change.

The public can get copies of the leaflets from Stop Climate Chaos, 9 Upper Mount Street, Dublin 2, by calling 01-639 4653 or emailing

The members of Stop Climate Chaos are: ActionAid, Afri, An Taisce, Cap and Share, Christian Aid Ireland, Climate Action Ireland Platform (CAIP), Comhlámh, Concern, Council of Social Responsibility - Methodist Church in Ireland, Cultivate, Eco-Congregation, Eco-Unesco, Feasta, Friends of the Earth, Gorta, Just Forests, Kimmage Development Studies Centre, Latin America Solidarity Centre, Mountmellick Environment Group, National Youth Council of Ireland (NYCI), Oxfam Ireland, People Against Climate Change, Presentation Centre for Policy and Systemic Change, Student Action on Climate Change, Sustain West Cork, Trócaire, Voice.

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