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Montreal talks hold the key to saving the planet

28 Nov 2005

Governments from 190 countries meet in Montréal, Quebec, Canada on from Monday 28th November to Friday 9th November for the United Nations Climate Negotiations which hold the key to future action on tackling emissions of greenhouse gases - and stabilising our fragile climate.
The negotiations take place against a backdrop of mounting evidence that climate change is already happening around the globe. The 10 hottest years on record globally have occurred since 1991. In that same period, global sea levels have risen by about 20 cm.

Friends of the Earth is calling on governments gathering in Montreal to agree on a firm plan for a new round of negotiations on commitments post 2012, when the first period of the Kyoto Protocol ends, with a clear timeline to reach agreement in 2008, when the first Kyoto period begins. This will give governments, business and citizens the certainty and time to plan and prepare for the significant cuts in carbon emissions that are required to prevent climate chaos

The situation is now urgent. Countries must recognise this danger and negotiate the emission reductions necessary to avoid disaster. It is expected that the US will at some point rejoin the international regime, but not while George Bush is in office. In the meantime Friends of the Earth believes that the bar for commitments must be raised, not lowered.

Friends of the Earth International Climate Campaigner Catherine Pearce said:
"The Montreal talks are crucial for achieving international action on tackling climate change. The participating countries must push for ward for urgent action and develop a process which will allow developing countries such as China and India to come on board.

"While it is of course disappointing that the world's richest country and biggest polluter has not signed up to Kyoto, the US administration must not be allowed to hamper international action. It can only be hoped that the American administration will soon recognise how important this process is. We do not have the time or the need to begin this process all over again."

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Click here to paint or draw an online message to Minister Dick Roche, who will direct the Irish delegation in Montreal, telling him how urgent you think you the need for action on climate change is.

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