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Thank you for standing with the school strikers!

Posted by Aine O'Gorman on October 15, 2019 at 02:04 PM

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Between the 20th and 27th of September 7.6 million people globally took to the streets to demand climate justice as part of the Climate Strike.

In Ireland, 50,000 people took part across every corner of the island.

Thanks to those of you that donated to our Climate Strike Fund we create a resource pack of stickers, social media graphics, posters and more. We recruited a team of 15 volunteers who worked from our office to support the 60 people across the country organising strike support actions. And we were able to fund equipment on the day including the stage which was fully solar powered!

The school strikers also asked us to provide a wellfare tent at the strike, so young people attending could have somewhere to take a break or escape the crowds. It's been such an honour to be in a position to support the movement in so many ways.

This is a celebration of the Irish school strikers, and all of the people who organized support actions around Ireland. A celebration of everyone who attended a strike, shared information or spoke to others about the strikes.

Together with our partner organisations in the Stop Climate Chaos coalition, we put the call out to adults across Ireland to make a stand with the school strikers - and you did. Thank you!

The streets of Ireland were filled with people demanding fair and fast climate action. We are so proud to have been a part of that moment in history, you should be too!

The school strikers asked us to share this short video they made to say a big thank you to Friends of the Earth supporters for joining the climate strike!

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Every newspaper in Ireland covered the strike actions on Friday September 20th (check it out here).

Here's a gallery of just some of the incredible photos from across the country. This was a special, historic moment, and together we can harness that energy to bring about real change.

The last few weeks have shown us that when people are brave and step up in their communities for climate justice, others follow and the movement builds.

From fighting new gas infrastructure to banning single use plastic (they are more connected than you might think), there's lots of opportunities for action coming up, and we're excited to work with you as we build a movement strong enough to achieve climate justice.

In the run up to the strike, my colleague Meaghan wrote this article, "Friday and beyond: the climate strike movement needs your voice too", for Green News. Check it out here at this link, it's a great read!

"The children of today have a deeper understanding of the wicked problems we face and they get that climate change is a racist issue, a gendered issue, an economic issue. They have a multidisciplinary leaning and unparalleled ability to join the dots in un-siloed thinking and recognise the systemic issue at play here. If only our leaders could think like our children do."

It's important we keep going... see you at the next strike!

Aine, Activism Support for Stop Climate Chaos.


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