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UN Climate Talks start in Poland

Posted by Oisín Coghlan on December 01, 2008 at 03:16 PM

The opening of the UN climate talks in Poznan

The latest round of UN climate talks start in Poland today in the city of Poznan. Poznan is the birth place of Copernincus the first man to suggest that the Earth revolved around the sun rather than the other way around. Where better to get down to the serious business of agreeing how to avoid trapping so much of the Sun's heat in the atmosphere that we tip the climate system into chaos.

The deadline for a global agreement is 12 months time in Copenhagen so for the next two weeks 9000 delegates and campaigners will decend on Poznan to hammer out the outlines of a deal.

The Associated Press is reporting an "Obama Buzz" around the conference. While the President Elect won't be there he's asked the US congressmen and Senators there to report back to him. "America is back" according to Sen John Kerry. You can see the strong line Obama is taking in this recent video address to US Governors.

Molly Walsh, our Policy Officer, arrvies in Poznan today having made the trip by boat, train and bus to avoid the greenhouse gas emissions associated with flying. She'll be blogging here once she gets online.

In the meantime you can read our press release about how the Irish Government is dodging its responsibilities to cut emissions.

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