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Urge your TD to support action on plastic waste

In days the Dáil will debate and vote on a motion urging Government action on plastic bottles, coffee cups and straws. Minister Naughten was blocking action, let's push new Minister Richard Bruton to back action

This week the Dáil will debate a motion on plastic waste.

If we can get the majority of TDs to support it, we can give new Minister for the Environment, Richard Bruton, the platform he needs to take action.

Email my TDs

Under pressure from vested interests former Minister, Denis Naughten, was blocking action, using a parliamentary trick to hold up the Waste Reduction Bill that has cross-party support in the Dáil.

Now we have a new Minister, and a new chance to tip the balance towards action. The Dáil will debate a motion calling for the Minister to introduce:

  • a national deposit and return scheme for plastic bottles
  • a tax on plastic take-away cups
  • a ban on single-use items like plastic straws

We have more that 15,000 signatures on our Sick of Plastic petition supporting these precise measures. Now let's turn that public concern into a politically irresistible Dáil majority.

Tip the balance


Want to take it further?

1. Ring your TD on 01-6183000

TDs notice emails from their own constituents but if you really want to make them sit up and pay attention, follow up with a phone call. Ring 01-6183000 and ask for the office of one of your TDs. The Fine Gael ones are most important as they have a direct line to the Minister. Just leave a voicemail or a message with whoever answers: It can be as simple as checking they got your email, or you can tell them why you are so frustrated by plastic waste and so keen to see action.

2. Join us for the petition handover

We'll be presenting the petition outside the Dáil at 1pm on Tuesday. The more of us who are there the better. If you live or work near enough to Dublin city centre it would be great if you could join us for 30 minutes at lunchtime. Even better if you can bring a couple of examples of plastic from your bin - we'll be taking a photo to demand action.

3. Watch the debate from the Dáil gallery

If you really want to spook your TD, come and watch the debate on Tuesday night from the Dáil gallery. It's on from 8pm to 10pm. Register here and we'll get you signed in. I totally understand not everybody can spare 2 hours, but if you can't come do take 2 minutes to ring your TD's office after you've emailed them.

We have a real chance to make progress this week. We know there is amazing public appetite for action on plastic. Now we need to turn that into political pressure.

Your TD could tip the balance, so please email them.

Thank you,

Oisin bottles it

Oisin Coghlan
Friends of the Earth

(demonstrating bottle
returns at Electric Picnic!)


P.S. Public concern on plastic is far wider than the people we can reach directly. So please forward this email to friends and family. Or copy this link and share on Facebook, Twitter or WhatsApp:

Chip in waste
Not surprisingly, our campaigning on plastic is only funded by our supporters. Your support makes it possible and your participation makes it powerful. Thank you.

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