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Tell the Government to stop delaying the Waste Reduction Bill

Ask your Fine Gael TD to let the Dail proceed with its work on the Bill by getting cabinet to issue the money message to allow it to proceed toe be debated and amended in the Dail

A few weeks ago, we asked you to chip in to send a Keep Cup to your TD and urge them to push to Minister Naughten not to block the Waste Reduction Bill moving to third stage. We were overwhelmed with your response. Thanks to over 200 of our supporters, we raised enough money to send all 158 TDs a Keep Cup on your behalf.

This week over 400 of you emailed your TDs to invite them to Buswells Hotel across from the Dail, on Wednesday, to collect their Keep Cups along with a card with the names of all their constituents who sponsored the cup. We would have been thrilled if even a quarter of your TDs had showed up, so we were utterly flabbergasted when HALF THE DAIL cued up for Keep Cups and photo opportunities. Thanks to you, Ireland’s TDs went gaga for Keep Cups!

Click here to find out if your TD collected their Keep Cup.

But there was a serious message behind the event…

Minister Naughten is using a technicality to stop the Waste Reduction Bill from being debated and amended in the Dáil because he doesn’t agree with the idea of a national Deposit-and-Return scheme on plastic bottles.

We’ve asked the Minister to sit down with us and look at VOICE’s analysis of how to fund this scheme without putting the cost on householders, but there’s been no response so far. In fact, Naughten seems so threatened by our work on this issue that he even wrote to all TDs and Senator’s the morning of our Keep Cup event to dissuade them from engaging with us. Fortunately, they weren’t the least bit put off by him!

It’s clear the fight to tackle plastic pollution isn’t over…

We need Naughten to stop blocking democracy and allow the Dáil to get on with its work on the Waste Bill.

Here’s how you can help:

-Keep the pressure on by asking your Fine Gael TDs to make a representation to raise this issue in their upcoming parliamentary party meeting on your behalf to hurry up with the “order” allowing the Bill to proceed and insist on a response from them.

-Chip in to fund the work to progress this Bill. Friends of the Earth operates on a shoe-string and it takes significant time and money to keep pushing our politicians not to let the Waste Reduction Bill die. Any little bit you can chip in will go straight to our Sick of Plastic campaign to help transform the Irish landscape to a beautiful plastic-free emerald isle.

Donate now

Thanks so much for all your support on this successful event. Together, there’s no stopping us!


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