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Stop looking for new oil and gas that we can't afford to burn

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Urge all parties in the Dáil to promise to legislate to end new fossil fuel exploration

Leo's SocksDo you remember the youthful vibe Leo Varadkar used to go for? He was down with the kids and he knew his Kylie from his Killers?

Well, Leo's lost it.

Faced with a simple choice Leo has sided with the comfortable oil men in suits rather than the anxious school children in the streets.

Last week his Government invoked an arcane parliamentary procedure to block any further Dáil debate on a Bill that would end new exploration for oil and gas in Irish waters.

Yes, I'll email my TDs - red button

Thanks to Sunday Business Post reporting we know that one of Leo's top advisers recently had an "unrecorded meeting" with a top oil lobbyist. Meanwhile Leo has declined all requests to meet with the Stop Climate Chaos Coalition and the umbrella body for environmental NGOs since he took office.

The good news is that Leo is in a dwindling minority of politicians who are willing to do the bidding of the fossil fuel industry.

There is a solid majority of TDs in the Dáil who backed the Climate Emergency Bill. Now we need them to commit to introducing and supporting a new Bill to end fossil fuel exploration.

Will you email your TDs to ask them to support a new law?

Yes, I'll email my TDs - red button

Science is on our side. History is on our side. The majority of TDs are on our side. But time is not our side. Money is not on our side. And it seems Leo is choosing sides too. Shutting down debate because he knows he can't win the argument or the vote.

But our movement is growing. We need to stand strong, stand with the school strikers, and stand up for democracy.

There is a rally outside the Dáil today at 5.30pm to protest about all the Bills the Government has delayed or derailed by invoking the money message procedure - over 50 in all! If you're in striking distance of Dublin city centre today please do think about joining us.

Equally, Stop Climate Chaos is launching a 20-page analysis of Richard Bruton's new Climate Action Plan at lunchtime today in Buswells Hotel. I'll be among those on the panel. Again, all are welcome. Details here - where the report will also be online this afternoon.

There is no doubt we will win. The only question is will we win fast enough to contain climate change.

Together we can,


P.S. Your TD needs to know that you want them to follow-through on their fine words and deliver legislation to end fossil fuel exploration. Please email them now.

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