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Stand up for the Amazon


1 in every 5 breaths we breathe here in Ireland is given to us by the rainforest in the Amazon - the rainforest that’s been ablaze for 3 weeks. The world's lungs are burning because of the polluting corporations who lied about climate change to make billions off fossil fuels, and politicians who turned a blind eye. We can’t allow it to continue.

On September 20, people across the globe are stepping up to support the School Strike for Climate. We can make this the moment in history it stopped being okay for any politician to pass the buck on climate - but only if we make this movement massive. To do that, we all need to reach out to our communities and get people on board.

Can you pledge your support for the #ClimateStrike and (most importantly) share and get your friends on board too?


Time is of the essence. We need to force Leo Varadkar and his government to take serious action on climate - we need to do our part for the 1 million Indigenous people in the Amazon who are seeing their sacred land desecrated by climate change and industry, and the generation of young people growing up who will inherit climate disaster after disaster. Unless we stop it.

Indigenous people in the Amazon and our own young people here in Ireland are calling on us to rise up. So please, can you support the #ClimateStrike on Sept 20 and ask everyone you can to join you?

“We from Xingu are connected to you. All together standing for the amazon. We are in the front line and we need your support. Join us in this fight.” - A spokesperson of the Xingu peoples, speaking from Kubenkokre village on Mengragnoti Indigenous Land, in the Brazillian Amazon

For more about the Xingu peoples' call to action, watch this powerful video.



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