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How to take part in the Global Climate Strike on Friday 15th March

What is happening on the 15 March?

Greta Thunberg, the 16 year-old Swedish climate activist, whose lone weekly climate strike has become a global movement, has called on everyone to join a global climate strike on Friday 15th March. The protests are being led by students striking from school to call for #ClimateActionNow to meet the tempertature goals of the 2015 Paris Agreement . Many others, young and old, intend coming out in solidarity with the children and students.

What's happening in Ireland?

1pm on Friday 15th March is the central moment in Ireland.

Students, and those who support their call for #ClimateActionNow, are being encouraged to gather wherever they can, take a photograph and share in on social media with the hashtags  #FridaysForFuture and #ClimateStrike.

In many cases something will be organized in schools or at school gates. Where possible people will gather outside townhalls.

There are marches and rallies planned in Dublin and Cork, with many other rallies around the country.

12:15 – Gather at St. Stephen’s Green (at Stephens Court, outside Starbucks)
12:30 – March via Dawson Street to Molesworth Street
13:00 – Rally outside the Dáil (on Molesworth Street)

11:00 – Gather in front of the Opera House
11:30 – March via Patrick’s Street, Grand Parade and the Mall to City hall
12:00 – Rally outside City Hall

Anyone organizing a rally at a townhall, a strike at a school, or planning for a school to attend any of the rallies is encouraged to register their group's participation on this map.

Map for Strike.JPG

Where do I find out more about what's being organized?

The climate strike in Ireland is being organized in a bottom-up way in by grassroots groups that are emerging organically and coodinating as best they can.

There are two autonoumous student-led groups that are collaborating closely:
School Strikes 4 Climate and Fridays for Future           

There is a teacher-supported, student-driven schools climate action network

As a student or a teacher you can register with this network here.

And there's a Parent-facilitated Fridays for Future group

Third-level student organizations have also come out in solidarity

Fossil Free TCD
The All-Ireland Student Activist Network
The Union of Students in Ireland (USI)

Why are people protesting?

The protests across the world and in Ireland are to draw attention to the fact that urgent action is now needed by governments to tackle climate change and ecological collapse. Unless policies are enacted now to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, global temperatures will rise to unsustainable levels by the end of this century. There is only one decade left to prevent this from happening.

But here, listen to one of the students involved in organizing the Irish strike explain it to TDs and Senators: 


How are schools supporting it?

It depends on the schools. Some schools have given full support, including Board of Management approval, and intend bringing large groups of students to the marches, supported by their teachers and parents. Other schools have yet to make up their minds, taking various factors into consideration.

Some schools have chosen to facilitate local protests either on school grounds or close by in a public place, in lieu of attending a major protest march.

The Teachers Union of Ireland have given their support to teachers wishing to participate and facilitate their pupils to attend the protests.

Health and safety is of primary concern and this remains the responsibility of the schools bringing students to attend any public event.

What do Irish politicians make of it?

An Taoiseach Leo Varardkar says he is "inspired and enthused" by students taking action:

Not everybody is ready to take him at his word though, here's another one of the student organizers speaking to TDs and Senators on 6th March:


We'll keep updating this page as best we can to give our supporters and the public the latest info on how to take part in the Global Strike on 15th March.

But for now we will give the last word to the 16 year old who started it all, Greta:



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