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Never fracking

There is now cross party support to say that liqueified natural gas import terminals are not a good idea for Ireland. However, to become a reality, this statement needs to be explicitly mentioned in the Programme for Government. Email your TD now to tell them you want to see them do everything in their power to ensure this, and also to do what they can to prevent fracking in Northern Ireland.

74 of 160 elected TD's signed a pledge committing to work to end support for imported fracked gas in Ireland through LNG terminals, and to support the end of fracking in Northern Ireland. Now Fianna Fail and Fine Gael have stated that they agree LNG terminals for importing fracked gas have no place in the future.


We know from experience words mean nothing until they are Government policy! 

Can you email your TD to make sure there is a specific statement in the Programme for Government against fracking gas terminals?

Two import terminals for fracked gas are currently proposed, in Shannon and Cork. The terminals would be developed as import hubs, allowing fracked gas into the European market from the USA where there is currently an oversupply of this controversial fuel. The terminals would play an important role in the shale gas supply chain, the market for which is currently very unstable.  The Shannon project was promoted by the previous Government as the most important strategic energy project for Ireland.  This has given it the opportunity to get special permission to override public health and environmental impacts, and to apply for major funding from the Connecting Europe Facility.  The final approval/denial is up to the next Government. 

At the same time, communities in Northern Ireland continue to be at risk from fracking.  Pollution doesn't obey borders, and even if it did, we cannot stand by while our neighbours north of the border are subjected to the suffering and pain that fracking brings.  Our energy system works as one single Island, and so too should our efforts to halt this damaging industry. 



Over 130 national and international groups have collectively written to Irish Party leaders requesting an explicit note in the Programme for Government to end support for fracked gas import terminals.

You can email your TD from here and ask them to commit to end support for fracked gas infrastructure

Check out Roisin from Love Leitrim who managed to get the Youth Parliament to agree to no more fracking. If only all our politicians were like this!

Check out which TDs signed the pre-election pledge here.



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