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No New Gas

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I want Ireland to send a message to the world that green means green. The new climate law must:

>>> ban the import of fracked gas
>>> prevent new terminals to import liquefied fossil gas (LNG)
>>> end new licences to look for gas in Irish waters

There is no room for new gas if we are going to prevent complete climate breakdown. We need to #KeepItInTheGround.

Why This? Why Now?

Ireland has a chance to show the way to a Fossil Free Future if the new Climate Law from legislates for No New Gas: no to importing fracked gas, no to building LNG terminals and no to new offshore exploration.

In recent years Ireland has taken a couple of steps on the path to a  Fossil Free Future, with laws to ban fracking and to make the state investment fund pull its money out of fossil fuels. And we are phasing out the burning of coal and peat to make electricity. Now we need to make sure we don't get hooked on gas instead.

Gas is fossil fuel too. At the very least half of all existing gas reserves need to stay in the ground unburned to keep global heating to less than 2C, more if we are serious about the Paris goal of 1.5C. There is just no room for new gas. We need to #KeepItInTheGround.

In Ireland, fossil gas provides 31% of our total energy supply compared to 11% from renewables (4,571 kilotonnes of oil equivalent compared to 1629 ktoe from renewables in 2019). Those gas numbers have to start coming down if Ireland is to do its fair share to prevent complete climate breakdown. 

What's the next step?

  • Having banned fracking here to protect our communities from the environmental and health effects, it would be hypocritical in the extreme to start importing fracked gas from under the feet of communities in the US who stood with us while we campaigned for the Irish ban.

  • It makes no environmental or economic sense to sink millions of euro into building import terminals to import liquefied fossil gas (fracked or not) from around the world when we have to use less and less gas in future. The push for LNG terminals is a last gasp bid by Big Oil and Gas to keep us hooked on their lethal products and to use Ireland as a supply line to the rest of Europe.

  • And it makes no sense of any kind to allow companies to start looking for new oil and gas in Irish waters now, when even if they found any it wouldn't come onshore 'til the 2030s when we should be squeezing the last fossil fuels out of our energy system.

Sign the petition asking the Irish government to include these steps in the new climate law they will be publishing soon. 

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