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No New Fossil Fuel Infrastructure!

Ask your TDs to support a bill to restrict the development of fossil fuel infrastructure and energy guzzling data centres

This summer, the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change issued its starkest scientific warning yet: a "code red for humanity" as the UN Secretary General put it.

When it comes to climate action, we can’t afford to take any more wrong steps. All our energy investment must be put into climate solutions - not into fossil fuels that have been fuelling the climate crisis for decades. But investment in new fossil fuel infrastructure has not been ruled out by the Irish Government. Not only that - but now many new energy-guzzling data centres risk being constructed across Ireland. These data centres may be powered by fossil fuels - adding more fuel to the climate crisis fire. Investment in fossil fuel infrastructure now would lock Ireland into using fossil fuels for years, seriously undermining our climate targets.

Take our e-action to ask your TDs to support a Bill to put restrictions on the development of major fossil fuel infrastructure and high-energy usage data centres in Ireland.

The Bill, which is being proposed by Deputy Bríd Smith, also seeks to prevent fossil fuel infrastructure and data centres from being designated as “strategic infrastructure”. It also seeks to update the planning process and ensure that the State’s climate targets are taken into account.

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