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No Fracking Fermanagh

Fracking in Ireland - Dawn of the Dead?

It was a huge relief when fracking was banned in the Republic of Ireland in 2017. The arguments about the environment, climate change, local communities, their economies, and most of all about public health carried the day in the Oireachtas. Even the much-derided report overseen by the Irish EPA could not be confident it understood the complex geology of the Northwest Carboniferous Basin, let alone that that fracking could be done safely and protect groundwater.

But, across the 'border' in Northern Ireland, Tamboran Resources are back for another bite.  They want to frack in Fermanagh.

Our envrionment doesn't see borders. 

Whichever side you live on, you can tell the Department for the Economy Northern Ireland what you think of this plan. There is a short consultation period, ending on 5th July, during which individuals and groups can make their views known to the Department.  We've pre-written a short email for you if you're in a hurry.  But feel free to edit it yourself, and add a bit at the beginning.  Personal contributions make a huge difference. 


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