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Make your promise on LNG a policy!

We want to see a robust Government policy statement on Liquefied Natural Gas

The issue of Liquefied Natural Gas was one of the key points of negotiation in recent Government formation talks. In a huge win for campaigners across Ireland, and demonstrating the power of the ever-growing climate justice movement globally, we were promised the following in the Programme for Government.

Snippet from PfG

However, we know that a promise is nothing without a policy behind it.

We don’t know for certain when the cabinet will consider a draft policy. But we do know that it’s needed as a matter of urgency.

And while we’re waiting, the company behind the notorious Shannon LNG project are very likely to re-apply for planning permission soon. We want the cabinet to sign off on an LNG policy statement as a matter or urgency when the Dáil returns in mid September. This would give us a formal policy statement to stand over if any LNG infrastructure company makes a planning application.

If there is no formal Government policy statement when they apply, it will be significantly harder to challenge their application.

However, if there was a formal policy statement in place if, or when, a planning application is submitted, it would send a clear signal to LNG infrastructure developers that their application is unlikely to bear fruit.
We are working with allies across Ireland to push for this promised Government policy statement to be drafted and passed by cabinet immedialtey when the Dáil reconvenes. This milestone in the anti-LNG campaign would send a powerful signal to the compnay behind Shannon LNG and the industry that fracked gas imports and LNG terminals, both on-land and floating, are not welcome here. This same indication would be given to Next Decade, the company behind the planned Cork LNG project, as well as Predator LNG who are planning a floating terminal just off the coast of Kinsale.

Whether it’s fracked gas or LNG accessed via other methods, we can’t allow LNG terminals - floating or otherwise - on or near the island of Ireland.

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