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Denis, don't block the Sun!

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An email to Denis Naughten's consultation of renewables urging him not to exclude rooftop solar from the new renewable electricity support scheme.

Minister Denis Naughten says he supports small-scale rooftop solar power but his draft plan to support renewables specifically *doesn't* include small-scale solar.

There is now a public consultation on this plan. Send the email below to make a very short submission to the consultation calling for the inclusion of a fair payment for rooftop solar power from the likes of homes, schools, sports clubs and farm buildings.

We're also demanding the Government set an adequate target for renewable electricity for 2030. The Government's own target for 2050 is for 80-95% renewnable power. And we're getting there on our EU target for 2020 of 40%. But weirdly the Government's plan is to have 40% for the target for 2030 as well.

If you're at 40 in 2020 and you have to get 80+ in 2050 it's absurd to say you don't plan to go any higher than 40 by 2030! Eirgird's baseline prediciton for 2030 is 47%. We think the target should be at least 55%.


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The consultation on the Renewable Electricity Support Scheme (RESS)

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The Government must support small-scale rooftop solar power

The Government has said it wants to put citizens and communities at the heart of the energy transition.

Rooftop solar energy has the power to unlock citizen participation. Every school in the country should have solar panels. So should homes, sports clubs and farm buildings.

That's why I'm so disappointed the draft scheme doesn't include any support - any payment at all - for electricity from small-scale rooftop solar.

This has to change, or else too many people will feel this whole scheme is a divisive land-grab by developers and big business.

This is our chance to reset the conversation on renewables and make the energy transition something that is done with and by the people, not to them. We need to make this a societal project or we won't deliver the energy transformation we need to contain climate change.

We must aim higher for 2030

The Government's Energy White Paper sets a target of reducing climate pollution from energy by 80-95% by 2050. Electricity is central to that.

We are progressing well towards our EU target of 40% renewable electricity by 2020.

I can't understand therefore why the RESS indicates the target for 2030 will also be 40%.

If we are going to get to 80 - 95% clean energy by 2050 then we need to get to at least 55% renewable electricity by 2030.

Indeed our 2050 target still isn't enough to do our fair share to meet the Paris Agreement. We should really be setting ourselves the goal now of 100% renewable electricity in 2040.

I trust my views will be taken into account and I look forward to hearing the outcomes of the consultation.

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