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Act with the Science on Agriculture!

At this crucial moment in government formation talks, we know that agricultural greenhouse gas emissions are a sticking point. Stop Climate Chaos have just published a policy briefing “Agricultural emissions in Irish climate change mitigation policy: Science and Solutions". It is vital that our politicians are not misinformed by faulty interpretations of climate science getting coverage due to its supposed novelty. For climate action to be meaningful in the agricultural and land-use sectors, we need to see reductions in methane and nitrous oxide gases. Nothing else counts as real mitigation. The full briefing is here

We know that two-thirds of people living in rural areas and three-quarters of people nationally believe emissions from agriculture need to be reduced by supporting a move to more sustainable farming. Significantly, 9 out of 10 people say that the government should be guided by science and expert advice on climate action as they have been on Covid-19.* We need politicians to read the agriculture analysis put together by Stop Climate Chaos’ policy experts and bring it to the negotiations.

TD's negotiating the Programme for Government need to know that 71% believe the next government will be failing the people of Ireland if it does not act now to combat climate change. That includes reading and taking into account the new Stop Climate Chaos briefing on agriculture.

Can you email your TD and tell them that they need to read the latest policy analysis on agriculture by Stop Climate Chaos and the nationally representative poll results supporting faster and fairer climate action? Just click on your consituency on the map below.


*The poll was carried out by Opinions Market Research over 7 days up to Monday 18th, on a nationally representative quota sample of 1021 people, with a resulting margin of error of +/- 3.1%. Read more here

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