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Join the Supermarket Postcard action!

Sick of Plastic had to cancel this year's Shop and Drop - but the action to demand change from supermarkets keeps going!

Shoppers, anti-plastic activists and local Sick of Plastic groups are planning to send their signed Sick of Plastic Postcards to Supermarkets with a personal note asking their local supermarket to make changes and eliminate unnecessary plastic packaging from its produce.

Postcard Back - Demands

You can get started by signing a digital postcard below.


Physical postcards are available at hubs across the country so you can sign and send in your own postcard, find your nearest hub here on this map.

Help distrubute postcards across the country!

  1. Send an email to telling us your address and how many postcards you think you can distribute.
  2. Ask any local premises – shops, cafes, library etc. if they might be happy to display postcards and provide a collection box for signed postcards in their premises. You can use this poster to put on the front of the collection boxes.
  3. Email the locations of the postcards and we will add this to our Postcard hub map so people can find these outlets (great advertising for the cafes & shops!!). Tag Sick of Plastic on social with pictures of the postcards on display.
  4. Don’t worry - if you are not able to get local outlets on board just distribute them to your friends and neighbours. They can either return them to you or pop them in the post and they will be returned by Freepost.
  5. At the end of the month collect the postcards from the collection boxes and return to Sick of Plastic in bulk (we will cover the cost of postage).
  6. Once we have received postcards from all around the country they will be collated and delivered to the Head Quarters of the 5 Supermarkets to tell them that we are Sick of Plastic and need their help.

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