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Host or Take Part in a Community Shop and Drop

Step 1; Come together Aldi Cork

On Earth Day 2018, thousands of people took part in our first nationwide day of action on supermarket plastic packaging, at their local supermarkets.

Now, we’ve made it super easy for you to do the same, at anytime, at any supermarket.

Let us know about your action so we can amplify and support you!

Why is this important?

Supermarkets are simply not doing enough, but we know that public pressure works. Our nationwide day of action resulted in many supermarkets making small steps in the right direction, but we need to keep up the pressure so that they take more decisive action, faster.

To ensure the managers of supermarkets wake up and realise that the public is sick and tired of this glut of unnecessary plastic, we need communities up and down the country to keep up the relentless action until we see results.

Supermarkets listen to their customers. Shop and Drop is an action we can all take part in - every time we go shopping. Simply leave your unwanted plastic packaging behind to protest and show your supermarket they need to do more.

Take Action Together!

The Sick of Plastic local actions platform provides all of the tools and resources you need to form a group in your area and organize your own day of action.

Sick of Plastic Local Group Button

Once you get set up, you will find all of the resources you need to run your own action. The 5 Step Guide outlines how to it works and the resources section has all of the documents and posters you need to make your local Shop and Drop a success!

Let's keep going until supermarkets #BreakFreeFromPlastic!

These are Our Six Demands for Supermarkets:

  1. Offer more items without packaging, such as fruit and vegetables (without plastic trays, wrapping and nets) at competitve prices
  2. Make their own-brand packaging easily reusable, compostable or recyclable, and use less plastic
  3. Demand, through their purchasing power, that other brands they carry have easily reusable, compostable or recyclable packaging, and use less plastic
  4. Blaze a trail in Ireland by implementing a plastic free aisle, as has been done in the Netherlands
  5. Provide items in bulk, where possible, to reduce packaging
  6. Allow shoppers use their own containers to buy dried goods, deli items, salads, fish etc - buying only what they need

Sign the petition here at this link.

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