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The Climate Emergency exposes our politician’s true motivations. It’s easy for the Irish Government to say stoping climate change is a priority. But when actions have the opposite effect, those words are lies.
The Irish Government recently supported a proposal to build a Liquified Natural Gas import terminal in Shannon. It’s for fracked gas.

Fracked gas is as damaging to the climate as coal.

The Goverment included the project on a list with other European energy projects which are seeking funding and special permitting approvals to get built quickly. The company who want to build the Shannon import terminal are also building export terminals connected to the Marcellus Shale in Pennsylvania from where the gas is fracked. The US fracked gas or ‘Freedom Gas’ as President Trump is considered a stranded asset at the moment. They’re looking for a market for it. And last month Ireland confirmed it is open for business.

Sometimes we might think we are only one person, or one small country and our actions are insignificant on a global scale. But we are all in this together. And our actions count.

Gas is a fossil fuel, and in this time of emergency we cannot be building climate wrecking infrastructure, which would lock us into the wrong fuels for decades to come. People’s individual actions have made this an international issue. Hundreds of you conacted your TD’s and MEPs, attended rallys and signed petitions (you can still sign the petition here). Thank you!

It was forced onto the Dáil agenda, and Minister Bruton has promised to undertake a review of energy secrutiy looking at the role of fracked gas in Ireland before allowing funding for the Shannon plant, and the European Parliament have been looking at the climate impact of methane emissions from fracked gas. There will be a final decsion point by the European Parliament, either in December or February.

Celbrities Mark Ruffalo, Michael Moore and Cher have joined in support.

They have been fighting fracking on their lands for years, and are rightly very upset that Ireland (who banned fracking on our own land) would create a demand for a product that is poising their people, their water and the climate. The Pope also supports our struggle!

Cher Tweeted about it, see below, and Mark Ruffalo joined us for a press call to share his views against LNG in Ireland. Bríd Smith (People Before Profit),  Andy Gheorghiu (Food and Water Watch Europe), John McElliott (Safety before LNG), Julia Walsh (Frack Action), Kathy Nolan (Concerned Health Professionals), and Ciaran Cuffe (Green P MEP) also joined this press call.

Cher Tweet

 Now there are plans for a floating import termial for fracked gas in the Port of Cork. The fight goes on, we cannot allow LNG anywhere in Ireland.

Take action against LNG in Ireland by signing our petition here at the link!

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