Update on Movement Building - Emma Jayne's experience at COP26

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Our Head of Movement Building, Emma Jayne, travelled to Glasgow for COP26 with youth activist Amy O’Brien. While the outcome of COP26 was very disappointing, Emma Jayne and Amy had a rich experience in Glasgow, where they met activists from all over the world.

Emma Jayne and Amy built connections with other activists and found new ways to unite different struggles for climate and social justice issues - thereby building more power to demand the system change we need. Emma Jayne also brought some great resources back from Glasgow which she has compiled in a blog for sharing with the Friends of the Earth community. It has links to all sorts of excellent webinars, panel discussions, podcasts, blogs, reports and other written and audio resources.

Amy also wrote her own blog to reflect on her experience in Glasgow, you can read it here or listen to Amy speaking here. We also organised some activities in Ireland before and after COP26. We invited our supporters and One Future groups to take part in a global day of action for climate justice during COP26 and joined marches and demonstrations in Dublin, Cork and across the country.

Stop Climate Chaos also hosted a webinar to reflect on the outcomes of COP26. The webinar heard from a terrific panel of eight speakers who shared their reflections on the COP26 climate talks, what we can learn from them, and where we go next for climate action in Ireland. This webinar is definitely worthwatching back here if you didn’t manage to catch it live. If you don’t have time to watch the full webinar you might like towatch this short video clip of former Stop Climate Chaos Mobilisation Coordinator, Áine O’Gorman, speaking about her experience at COP26 here.

And don’t forget to check out Emma Jayne’s blog for a host of different resources to learn more about global climate justice and how we can take action to make the next COP more successful!

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