Heat induced eco-anxiety - can we turn it into positive action?

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The extreme weather can make the climate crisis seem overwhelming - joining others to take collective action can help

With the heatwave enveloping our bodies, our homes and our planet it’s hard to break free from the reality of our changing climate. It is all around us.

On Monday Ireland experienced it’s hottest day in 135 years - news that should be really shocking, but unfortunately it’s not. Over the last few years we’ve heard a lot about rising temperatures - each year being the hottest on record as climate breakdown accelerates. 

There’s just so much bad news. It’s easy to switch the radio station to something more upbeat and brush it off, thinking that it’s all too much to deal with. To hope it will go away - or sort itself out - or that someone else will look after it.

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We all experience eco-anxiety in some shape or form. It’s important to find ways to channel that into something positive - and reach out for the support we need to move through these difficult feelings.

Dealing with climate change doesn’t have to be this big hard impossible thing. And it doesn’t have to be something we face alone. At Friends of the Earth we aim to make climate action easier. We offer actions you can take to campaign for change and present you with opportunities to join forces with others to make a positive difference. We can all do something right now.

Why not start with taking our latest e-action or chipping in a few bob to support our work on climate.

Take an e-action to protect Ireland’s climate targets

The coming days are crucial for climate action in Ireland. The Government is due to make a big decision on each sector’s emission reduction targets before the end of the month. The targets set out in Ireland’s Climate Law can only be met if every sector plays its part. But the Minister for Agriculture has so far refused to agree to adequate targets for Agriculture. If Agriculture refuses to play ball other sectors (e.g. transport, buildings, electricity and industry) will have to pick up the slack - making their targets unfair and implausible. This could undermine the credibility of Ireland’s entire climate action effort. 

It’s been a worrying few weeks. But the climate movement’s action to protect Irish climate action during its moment of peril has been heartening! Hundreds of constituents have been contacting their TDs about this issue - acting as superheroes ready to protect Ireland’s climate targets from danger. You can be a climate hero too! Use our e-action to email your TDs today. If you'd like to increase your impact further you could follow your emails up with some phone calls. 

Email your TDs

Donate to support our work on climate

We’ve been pulling out all the stops to protect Ireland's climate targets during the last few weeks. This work places significant demands on our resources - we need every cent we can get to support it. If you’re in a position to donate to us it would really help. We’re up against big, well funded agribusiness lobbyists - defending Ireland’s climate action on a shoestring budget. We're having an impact - and getting our messages across strongly in the media. But with more funding we could do an even better job!

Could you chip in to help us do more?

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If you have any ideas about how to fundraise for Friends of the Earth and would like some support, feel free to reach out to Claudia, our Head of Supporter Care and Fundraising - she would love to hear from you!

Reach out to others

If the climate crisis is getting you down, it might also be a good idea to check in with your friends or family. If you’ve been feeling overwhelmed recently then chances are that others around you are feeling this way too. You know that saying, a problem shared is a problem halved.

We're not saying that talking about climate change will immediately fix it - but it will give you and your peers a sense of support and strength. By chatting about your concerns you can also share ways for others to take action, like getting involved with Friends of the Earth! 

One thing that can make a big difference if you're suffering from eco-anxiety is to join an environmental activist group. Instead of feeling alone in your worry you'll realise that there are so many others who feel the same - and that together you can do something about it. We worry because we care. We might feel like we want to take action but we don’t know where to start. Taking action as a collective is not only more fun, it’s more impactful and it builds our resilience too.


Join your local One Future group

Friends of the Earth supports One Future - a network of local climate campaign groups dotted across Ireland. One Future local groups are working on a range of issues such as green transport, opposing new fossil gas infrastructure and campaigning for joint solutions to energy poverty and energy pollution. If you have any questions about One Future we can put you in touch with Rosi, our Network Development Coordinator to find out more. Sign up to the One Future mailing list here to get involved and connect with your local One Future group. 

Join the One Future email list to connect with your local group

We're so grateful for everyone who takes action with us and supports our campaigns. Together, as a community and movement, we are stronger!