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Voting is now live for the Friends of the Earth Solar Schools 2020 competition!!

Our 'For the love of solar' competition is deisgned to help schools all over Ireland to go solar. With thanks to our generous funders, next week we willl be announcing at least 8 schools as winners of solar panels, 4 primary and 4 secondary schools.  But really, we think every school should be a solar school. In fact we think every school, community building, sports club and local authority should go solar, to generate clean renewbale energy right from their rooftops. 

We know that is not happening yet in Ireland. And you might be surprised to know the reasons it is not happening has nothing to do with the sun and everything to do with Government.

The rules requiring planning permission for even one solar panel on a school, and the fact that small renewable generators, like schools, have no right to sell any extra power they generate makes the economics of an investment in solar really really hard. 

We are trying to change these rules, and give power to the people, and students of Ireland to take part in this essential transition of our energy system away from dirty climate polluting fossil fuels, towards clean renewable energy.  And for that we are asking for your help.  Will you email your new TD and ask them to support changes to the planning regulations and rights for microgenerators to share and sell the electricity they generate?

If you cant send an email right now, can you sign our petition 'For the Love of Solar' which we will deliver to the Minister. 

With almost 400 entries from all over Ireland, the level of competition is very high! Schools were tasked with coming up with an idea for a project on climate action and tell us about it in a short video.  Those 1 min videos are now live, and anyone and everyone can vote for their favourite this week, until Friday 28th at 5pm.

We find the knowledge and enthusiasm of our young people to take action on climate change inspiring.  We hope you do to.  Join us.  Act now.  For the love of solar. 

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