Solar Schools are Championing Community Power

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In 2018 we launched our Solar Schools competition, where five schools won solar panels so that they can power themselves with renewable energy straight from their rooftops.

Schools will be excited to know we will be launching a second competition in September, so even more schools can generate their own energy! Every winning school receives a 90% grant for their solar panels and all of the technical and bureaucratic support needed for the installation of the solar panels.

This competition is an excellent opportunity for communities to participate in renewable energy generation, and schools are the ideal place for valuable community-based education to occur. The competition will play an important role in encouraging communities to take the first step on their sustainable energy journey.

The Solar Schools competition is acting as an example of the unnecessary challenges communities face when attempting to access community generated renewable energy. Right now schools need planning permission to put up even one solar panel – a costly and timely process. Our wining schools from last year are still waiting for planning permission before their solar panels can be installed! Schools, households and community groups also have no legal entitlement to be paid for any of the surplus energy that they generate and it is spilled back onto the grid for free!

Hands up 4 Solar has the following demands:

  1. Pass the Microgeneration Bill – so schools & communities can get a fair price for solar
  2. Update the planning regulations – to prevent costly and unnecessary delaysIt needs to be easier. It should be easier

Check out this map showing all the teachers / students / parents who have signed up to support Solar 4 Schools. You can sign up too here at this link.

Watch our video to hear young peoples concerns about climate change.

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Solar Schools Community Power