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Sick of Plastic is our campaign in partnership with VOICE Ireland. Together, we are working to empower communities to pressure industry and decision makers to take action on single use plastic.

Despite not being able to take direct action through our Supermarket Shop & Drop’s due to COVID-19 restrictions, Sick of Plastic has remained as creative as ever in presenting fun and interactive ways for people to take action on single use plastics. There are lots of ways to take action, you can start by taking photos of excessive plastic packaging in your supermarkets and sharing it with Sick of Plastic on social media or via email to help build the pressure on supermarkets to act.

In October we took part in 'Reuse Month' with a social media competition inviting people to share things they have creatively reused or repurposed. And in November we took part in 'Environmenstrual Week' to raise awareness of single use plastics in menstrual products.

This year Sick of Plastic plans to increase the pressure on supermarkets to support reuse.

Ireland is the No. 1 plastic producer in Europe - much of this plastic is unnecessary and a lion’s share comes from our supermarkets. Recycling is not enough - we demand that industry turn off the tap on plastic packaging and invest in refill and reuse options in store. Supermarkets have made positive steps to tackle packaging and waste, but they are only doing the bare minimum. If you haven’t yet signed the Sick of Plastic petition, please act now here at the link.

Stay tuned for more Sick of Plastic action and news, including the first Sick of Plastic Awards where you'll be able to nominate a Sick of Plastic hero in your community.

To hear more about Sick of Plastic and to get involved in the action this year, follow Sick of Plastic on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.



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