Reporting back on our first "Our Energy Future" Conference

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An event to explore how Ireland can deliver a pro-active and inclusive response to the energy price crisis while supporting communities in the energy transition

In June we hosted the first major event of our “Our Energy Future” project. This project, which we kicked off last year, is focused on engaging communities and groups regarding Ireland’s energy transition. We’re looking to support constructive exchanges on the challenges and opportunities associated with a fair and fast transition to a fossil free energy system - it’s time to get Ireland talking! 

Our workshop in June, which we held in Dublin’s Richmond Education and Events Centre, included more than 20 groups from across Ireland. Workshop participants explored the impacts of increasing energy costs, as well as barriers and opportunities for households and communities to engage in the energy transition. The event included facilitated discussions and expert inputs to help us reflect on how the State can better protect vulnerable households in response to the fossil fuel energy price crisis. We also discussed steps that could be taken to put communities at the heart of the energy transition. 

Graphic harvesting from Our Energy Future event June 2022

Graphic harvesting capturing ideas & discussions from the event - by Hazel Hurley

Groups discussed how the energy price crisis is impacting the people they represent and looked at the dangers associated with continued reliance on polluting fossil fuels  - especially for communities who have been marginalised. Groups also put forward their views on solutions to energy poverty and on the need for the public and relevant groups to be better included in decision-making processes. We’re hoping to continue these conversations as part of our work on energy poverty and community empowerment. You can read more about our work on energy poverty, and why it’s become very important to us, on our website here

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