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  1. Bill to Ban Fracking one step closer to becoming law [Press Releases] - Issued 12 Apr 2017
  2. Plan shows Government in Denial over Climate Change [Press Releases] - Issued 15 Mar 2017
  3. New study finds significant benefits of natural land management ignored in Ireland, despite evidence around Europe and beyond [Press Releases] - Issued 2 Feb 2017
  4. Historic step as Dáil backs Bill to divest state funds from fossil fuel companies [Press Releases] - Issued 26 Jan 2017
  5. Trinity has put itself on the right side of history, time for Government to follow suit [Press Releases] - Issued 12 Dec 2016
  6. Climate statement a damp squib. Next week's climate action plan must deliver. [Press Releases] - Issued 8 Dec 2016
  7. Minister's support for ban on fracking welcome, as EPA identifies key uncertainities [Press Releases] - Issued 30 Nov 2016
  8. EPA Research on Fracking out today at 2pm - Four tests for its credibility [Press Releases] - Issued 30 Nov 2016
  9. Dail gives unanimous backing to bill to ban fracking [Press Releases] - Issued 28 Oct 2016
  10. Research report finds fracking for shale gas incompatible with good water quality and recommends its prohibition in Ireland [Press Releases] - Issued 25 Oct 2016
  11. New report shows Irish agriculture is neither ‘climate-smart’ nor sustainable [Press Releases] - Issued 19 Jul 2016
  12. EU-US trade deal poses serious threat to Irish and EU farming: TTIP could open the floodgates to factory-farmed US produce [Press Releases] - Issued 28 Apr 2016
  13. SEAI report shows political will is missing ingredient. Politicians are sleepwalking us into massive fines, missing massive opportunities. [Press Releases] - Issued 6 Apr 2016
  14. CORRECTION: There is no climate action plan. Last one was NINE years ago. [Press Releases] - Issued 1 Apr 2016
  15. Fianna Fail - Fine Gael climate action plan an historic turning point [Press Releases] - Issued 1 Apr 2016
  16. Energy White Paper has "The Vision Thing" but lacks detail on delivery [Press Releases] - Issued 16 Dec 2015
  17. Energy White Paper first test of Ireland's commitment on Climate Change [Press Releases] - Issued 15 Dec 2015
  18. Only people power can bridge the gap between ambition and action in Paris Agreement [Press Releases] - Issued 13 Dec 2015
  19. Weak Paris agreement requires people to drive transition to climate safety [Press Releases] - Issued 12 Dec 2015
  20. Climate negotiations widening the gap between ambition and action [Press Releases] - Issued 11 Dec 2015
  21. Weak Draft Deal Sparks 'People Power' Protest at Paris Climate Conference [Press Releases] - Issued 10 Dec 2015
  22. Community Power - We are our Renewable Future [Press Releases] - Issued 7 Dec 2015
  23. Landmark climate law increases transparency, expert advice and parliamentary accountability [Press Releases] - Issued 3 Dec 2015
  24. Taoiseach's unscripted remarks reveal Ireland's untenable position on climate change [Press Releases] - Issued 1 Dec 2015
  25. Taoiseach offers litte more than 'fudge and dodge' in Paris [Press Releases] - Issued 30 Nov 2015
  26. Special pleader or a climate leader? Enda Kenny’s choice in Paris. [Press Releases] - Issued 30 Nov 2015
  27. New SEAI figures show big decisions still needed to get Ireland off fossil fuels [Press Releases] - Issued 26 Nov 2015
  28. The passing of the Climate Bill by the Dáil is a significant milestone, but a concrete plan to actually reduce emissions is long overdue [Press Releases] - Issued 8 Oct 2015
  29. Ireland can be proud of the UN’s Global Goals, test now is achieving them in Ireland - Oisin Coghlan in New York [Press Releases] - Issued 24 Sep 2015
  30. Independence and resources the key tests for new Climate Council [Press Releases] - Issued 10 Jun 2015
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