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  1. Cross-party negotiations deliver 'Good Friday Agreement' for climate action. [Press Releases] - Issued 28 Mar 2019
  2. Carbon tax will only work as part of a 'Green New Deal': 12 steps to a zero carbon future [Press Releases] - Issued 14 Jan 2019
  3. Minister Bruton's new climate plan 'not yet the revolution he promised' [Press Releases] - Issued 19 Dec 2018
  4. U-turn on carbon tax would be 'two fingers to younger generations' [Press Releases] - Issued 9 Oct 2018
  5. Friends of the Earth Europe's response to Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) Report [Press Releases] - Issued 8 Oct 2018
  6. Friends of the Earth appeal to Electric Picnic-goers to ‘leave no trace’ in Stradbally [Press Releases] - Issued 1 Sep 2018
  7. Friends of the Earth brings 160 volunteers to Electric Picnic to tackle plastic pollution and invites Environment Minister, Denis Naughten, to see how 'deposit and return' system works [Press Releases] - Issued 31 Aug 2018
  8. 'A new hope?' How to turn today's welcome rhetoric on climate action into reality. [Press Releases] - Issued 20 Jun 2018
  9. Hundreds of constituents are giving Keep Cups to their TDs today to support the Waste Reduction Bill [Press Releases] - Issued 13 Jun 2018
  10. Government stands indicted by EPA's new climate pollution figures [Press Releases] - Issued 31 May 2018
  11. Over 7,500 coffee cups kept out landfill in six months following Coffeeangel and Friends of the Earth’s #YourCupOurFuture initiative [Press Releases] - Issued 1 May 2018
  12. Thousands of shoppers across Ireland are ditching plastic at supermarkets today [Press Releases] - Issued 21 Apr 2018
  13. Citizens’ Assembly report a mandate for revolutionising Ireland’s climate policy [Press Releases] - Issued 18 Apr 2018
  14. Campaigners Announce a Day of Action on Supermarket Packaging - Public will be encouraged to "Shop and Drop" on Saturday 21 April [Press Releases] - Issued 21 Mar 2018
  15. Leo lets us all down on climate change in effort to cosy up to Trump [Press Releases] - Issued 15 Mar 2018
  16. Dáil calls time on fossil fuel exploration in historic vote [Press Releases] - Issued 9 Feb 2018
  17. NGO tells Dáil hearing: think about climate change like Brexit [Press Releases] - Issued 30 Jan 2018
  18. Campaigners ditch plastic at the Dail as Committee hears expert testimony on Waste Reduction Bill [Press Releases] - Issued 17 Jan 2018
  19. Friends of the Earth is "appalled" by latest climate pollution figures from EPA [Press Releases] - Issued 27 Nov 2017
  20. Coffeeangel tackles cup waste with Friends of the Earth in their new ‘Your Cup Our Future’ initiative [Press Releases] - Issued 6 Nov 2017
  21. Budget completely fails to deliver Taosieach's "new ambition on climate change" [Press Releases] - Issued 10 Oct 2017
  22. Friends of the Earth appeal to Electric Picnic-goers to keep Stradbally clean and bring camping gear home. [Press Releases] - Issued 3 Sep 2017
  23. Leo urged to ‘Let There Be Light’ from Electric Picnic 2017 [Press Releases] - Issued 1 Sep 2017
  24. New Research Shows Residential Solar Power Offers Win-Win [Press Releases] - Issued 29 Aug 2017
  25. Press Release: Climate plan more an 'action promise' than an action plan [Press Releases] - Issued 20 Jul 2017
  26. Press Release: Today's action plan a test for Leo's 'new ambition on climate change' [Press Releases] - Issued 19 Jul 2017
  27. Sick of Plastic [Press Releases] - Issued 11 Jul 2017
  28. New Taoiseach should delay Government's climate change plan [Press Releases] - Issued 14 Jun 2017
  29. Dail fracking ban a great victory for local campaigners, boost for global climate movement [Press Releases] - Issued 31 May 2017
  30. Bill to Ban Fracking in Ireland passes another major legislative hurdle today [Press Releases] - Issued 9 May 2017
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