Paris and beyond: get involved in building the climate movement

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In a month's time world leaders will gather in Paris to try to agree a global climate deal that has eluded them for the last 20 years.COP21

We don't trust them to have people's interests at heart. And we know any deal they do won't be strong enough. So, around the world people and communities are taking the lead themselves. Fighting to keep fossil fuels in the ground, organizing community energy projects to power their own future, and showing that a just transition to a carbon free future is possible.

Any Paris protocol won't be enough to contain climate change on its own, but Paris can be the moment when the climate movement becomes an unstoppable force for the system change we need.

Here's how you can get involved:

Come to our "Power through Paris" workshop on Monday 2nd November

On Monday 2 nd November we will be running a Power through Paris workshop in the Lantern Centre on Synge Street, Dublin from 6 to 9pm. The workshop is for anyone interested in how movements build energy and how we can build momentum together in the lead up to Paris and, crucially, beyond Paris. It will be facilitated by our Activism Coordinator, Heather Mason and our Education Adviser, Nicola Winters. So join us in the Lantern Centre Synge Street at 6pm on Monday to power up, share your voice, and join the movement for justice!

Join our People. Power. Action. Collective

Our new People. Power. Action. Collective will meet every Monday evening in Dublin from Monday 9th November until 7th December. More info here. This an opportunity to learn and share new skills and take action as part of the movement for social justice and environmental sustainability. To register email Members of the Collective will be eligible for a subsidized place on the Stop Climate Chaos coach to Paris from 9th to 13th December.

Attend a talk

There's a series of talks in Cloughjordan (I'm speaking next Thursday evening), there's a series of lunchtime talks in the Unitarian Church in Dublin (Lorna Gold from Trócaire is speaking next Thursday). And there's a good list of all the upcoming climate talks here .

People's Climate March, Sunday 29th November

The day before the UN talks start in Paris will be the largest climate mobilization in history, with marches planned from Panama to Pretoria to Paris. In Ireland there are events in Dublin, Belfast, Cork and Galway. This is about more than rounding up the usual suspects. This is the moment to ask your family and friends to come with you. They know you have some weird interest in climate change, now is the moment to talk about it in the pub or at the dinner table. We'll have succeeded if you don't recognise most people on the march.

Come to Paris on the 9th December

Stop Climate Chaos is organizing a mobilization to Paris for the end of the UN talks. You'll leave Dublin by bus on the evening of Wednesday 9th, go overnight by ferry to Cherbourg and get to Paris on Thursday. On Friday there are all sorts of events during the day, culminating in Friends of the Earth International's "People. Power. Action." event in Place de la Republique. On Saturday, climate activists from around the world will be converging on the Place de la Republique to have the last word and kickstart the next phase of the global movement for climate justice. Book your place here .

Join us. This time we're not leaving it to our leaders. This time I know our side will win.

Oisin Coghlan
Friends of the Earth

P.S. This could be the start of a beautiful climate movement. If enough of us lead, our leaders will follow. So please do get involved, and bring your family and friends. Start by forwarding this email to anyone you know who might join you on the People's Climate March on November 29th.

SCC COP 21 march

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