Out with melting ice, in with living a balanced life

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Sylvia Thompson, The Irish Times

There were very few facts and figures about the speed of the Arctic ice cap melting, freak flooding, hurricanes and extreme heat waves at this week's Dublin Climate Gathering. Instead, a group of about 80 people - academics, technology experts, politicians, entrepreneurs, students, business leaders, artists, homemakers and environmental campaigners - mapped out their vision for a low-carbon society.

"We've realised that if we are to stop people going in an unsustainable way from A to B, then we have to offer them a better alternative C. It's about eating better, wasting less, travelling lighter and being energy clever," said Green Party leader Eamon Ryan at the opening event in Tailor's Hall.

Over the following two days in the Mansion House and the CHQ building in Dublin's Docklands, smaller groups discussed everything from redesigning capitalism and transforming the education system to drawing on the wisdom of the elders and the energy of youth to create sustainable homes, communities and cities. Climate scaremongering was out and in its place was how to live happier, more balanced lives. Participants responded well to the new narrative.

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