LNG: The liquid path to climate chaos

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A new joint briefing by Friends of the Earth Europe and Food & Water Action Europe highlights the dangers of the proposed roll out of Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) across Europe as an attempt to tackle energy security concerns.

The cost of fossil gas, the horrific invasion of Ukraine by Russian troops, and the need to mitigate the impacts of climate change and keep global warming to below 1.5°C, have created a buzz around LNG.

This briefing provides counterarguments to the overinflated role that LNG is being positioned to have in Europe’s energy future, and shows instead that this is a dangerous distraction from the just energy transition to renewables that is so desperately needed.

00b LNG_ The Liquid Path to Climate Chaos

The briefing puts forward ten key arguments that showcase the host of problems LNG brings:

1. LNG Will Not Fix Europe’s Fossil Fuel Dependency

2. New LNG Won’t Address The Energy Crisis Now And Will Delay A Just Transition

3. LNG Means A Lock-In To Fossil Gas And More Fossil Fuel Infrastructure

4. LNG Is Bad For The Climate

5. LNG Doesn’t Serve The Energy Poor

6. LNG Will Continue To Bring Soaring Profits To The Fossil Fuel Industry

7. LNG Boosts Fracking: A Disaster For Our Health & Environment

8. LNG Fuels Conflict

9. LNG Is Dangerous

10. LNG Is A Distraction - Proven Solutions Exist To Get Off Gas

Click here for the full briefing in PDF format

Click here to read more about the briefing on the Friends of the Earth Europe website



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