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The next week is crucial for the climate. 

Three parties are currently negotiating what's called a 'Programme for Government', and we need to do whatever we can to make sure this is as strong as possible. For people, and for the planet.

Can you join a Regional TD Call-a-Thon before June 5th, World Environment Day?

We think the following is a solid strategy for making an impact!

  • We know that when constituents speak to their TDs, TDs listen.
  • We also know that a stumbling block in talks is the notion that the desire for strong faster and fairer climate action doesn't come from all age groups and localities around the country.
  • What's more, we know that the TDs currently negotiating care about their image in the media.

So here's what we think will work:

If you're on board with this plan and can spare just 1 hour of your time between now and the end of next week, please hop on one of these five regional TD Calling Parties we've organised with our colleagues in Stop Climate Chaos:

Ulster & Leinster (outside Dublin) - Thursday May 28th 5pm 

Munster - Tuesday June 2nd 1pm

Dublin South - Tuesday June 2nd 5pm

Connacht and Ulster - Thursday June 4th 1pm

Dublin North & West - Thursday June 4th 5pm

On these calls you'll get a chance to meet others from your constituency, and we'll give you a script you can use (but you don't have to), as well as more details about the poll results. We'll have all the TD numbers for you too.

We want whichever parties end up in government to ensure that a mandate for taking strong and fair climate action is included in the Programme for Government.

Hope you can join the call corresponding to your locality above to help make this happen.

Remember, this week is crucial.

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