'I feel like I got my future back ...'

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We know what the headlines from 2016 are and many are not good news for the environment.

But 2016 also saw a new storyline gathering pace, not from the board rooms and cabinet tables but from the sitting rooms and kitchen tables of people who aren't prepared to give up without a fight. It is the story of people power standing up to the corporate power of the fossil fuel industry, and winning.

The story of the households, communities and individuals in Leitrim and the north west, for example, who have campaigned for years against fracking and who this year saw their efforts lead to a Bill to ban fracking pass its first crucial vote in the Dáil and later receive the backing of the Minister . The story of over 30,000 people who participated in "Break Free from Fossil Fuel Actions" across 6 continents, including shutting down major coal-fired power stations in Wales and Germany. And the story of the Standing Rock Sioux and their growing band of allies who have protested against the proposed Dakota Access Pipeline, known as DAPL.

Naomi Klein was standing beside Tokata Iron Eyes when news came through at the start of this month that the US Army Corps of Engineers had denied one of the permits (referred to as "easement") that the project needed to proceed. Naomi captures the 13-year old's reaction on camera. These 85 seconds are worth watching .


 She was one of those who started the movement at standing rock. It was started by the youth. It started really small. And of course they had no idea if they would win. At the end she says "I feel like I got my future back".

2016 was the hottest year on record. The Arctic was 20 degrees above normal on Christmas Eve. And 2016 taught us that waiting for political leaders to deliver adequate action is a mug's game.

We need to stand together to fight for our future back .

In 2017, we hope you'll stand with us as Friends of the Earth, our only home.

In hope and fellowship ,

Oisin and the team
Friends of the Earth

P.S. Anything you pledge or give before midnight on 31st December will be split 50/50 between our campaign for a fossil free future and the proejct for solar power for the hospital in Tanzania with our partners, Solar Without Frontiers. Thank you.


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