Friends of the Earth line-up for the Global Day of Climate Action

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global day of climate action takes place on this day week - Saturday 12th November. All over the world people will be taking action to call for climate justice as the COP27 UN Climate Talks reach their mid way point.

We’ve just added the finishing touches to our own Irish plans for the day which we are delighted to share with you. We’ve an exciting and varied line up - with lots going on throughout the day - from a photo action to a climate themed comedy gig with Colm O’Regan (jump straight to our website here for tickets for that)! 

Read on for more info on each of the day’s activities...

Photo Action: 12 noon on 12th November

Our first activity of the day is a photo action with the Stop Climate Chaos coalition. We’ll gather at 12 noon at the Famine Memorial at Custom House Quay in Dublin’s North Dock - you find the exact spot on Google Maps here.  

We'll use the photos we take to call on the Irish Government to show climate ambition and global solidarity at COP27. The more people in the photos the better - so will you pop 12 noon on the 12th into your diary?


We’ll remember Ireland’s own history of famine and stand in solidarity with communities experiencing extreme hunger as a result of the climate crisis and its underlying drivers - namely colonialism and exploitative capitalism. 

During the photo action we’ll also call on the Irish Government to support the establishment of a “Loss and Damage Finance Facility” at COP27.

“Loss and damage” is a term used to describe severe climate impacts to which people cannot adapt. Examples include the extreme climate exacerbated drought that is raging across Ethiopia, Kenya and Somalia at the moment - where someone is dying every 48 seconds from hunger. Or the loss of land and homes on island nations due to salt water flooding and rising sea levels.


The vast majority of loss and damage has been caused by the emissions of rich countries in the global North - who are responsible for 92% of the excess emissions that are fuelling the climate crisis. But to date rich countries have refused to provide Loss and Damage Finance to help climate vulnerable countries deal with the climate chaos they’ve caused.

We’ve an opportunity to try and change this during COP27 - as momentum grows behind the campaign for Loss and Damage Finance. So let’s play our part and ask the Irish Government to support this crucial issue! 

Join Friends of the Earth for Colm O'Regan's new comedy show 'Climate Worrier' at Smock Alley theatre 7pm on Saturday November 12th. (Facebook Post)

Climate Worrier Comedy Gig: 7pm on 12th November

We’ll lighten things up on the evening of the 12th. It can be easy to get bogged down and let the worry of climate breakdown overcome us. It’s so important to let loose and let go every once in a while to help us keep going in our campaigning and activism.

Laughing is good for us! So join us for some laughter as we watch Irish comedian Colm O’Regan’s new comedy show ‘Climate Worrier’. The show will kick off at 7pm in Dublin’s Smock Alley theatre - you can purchase tickets for the gig here

In a recent interview with Green News, Colm spoke about his show as being his way of contributing to the climate movement - he not only wants to make people laugh, he wants to inspire and activate people into doing something to help solve the crisis too. Colm also has a new book out of the same title ‘Climate Worrier’ which I’m sure he’ll tell us more about on the night.


Panel discussion with Colm O’Regan & special guests

The comedy gig will be followed by a discussion with Colm and other special guests. I’m excited to announce that we’ve just confirmed some fantastic guests which include:

  • Ailbhe Smyth - feminist and LGBTQ activist in Ireland

  • Colm O'Regan - comedian

  • John Sharry - a social worker, child and family psychotherapist who specialises in climate anxiety

  • Karen Aguiar - from Go Dance for Change which produces social spaces and movement for social change through dance

After the gig and panel discussion we invite you to stick around for a drink in the Smock Alley bar.

Why not make a whole day of it and join us in Dublin on the 12th November for this unique day of action and activities. We haven’t had many opportunities to spend face-to-face time together lately so it should be a special occasion for our growing community. 

Hoping to see you next Saturday.