Friends of the Earth ";deeply disappointed"; at lack of progress on Climate Change Bill

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Friends of the Earth "deeply disappointed" at lack of progress on Climate Change Bill

Bill absent from Government Legislation Programme published today


Commenting, Friends of the Earth Director, Oisin Coghlan said

"Friends of the Earth is deeply disappointed that the Climate Bill is not included in the Government's Legislation Programme published today, for the Autumn session of the Dáil. Last December the Government committed itself to having a climate law passed in 2010, now, 10 months later, they can't even say when it will be published."

"The climate law is a cornerstone of a sustainable, low-carbon economic recovery which will attract green investment and generate the kind of jobs what will last in the 21st century."

"The climate law will also prevent us spiralling into a pollution-fuelled bubble which would lead to an even more damaging bust than the current one caused by the bursting of the credit-fuelled bubble. Politicians tell us that nobody asks them about climate change on the doorsteps. Nobody was asking them about banking regulation five-years but it would still have been a good idea."

"Government has yet to show it has the political determination to deliver on its word on climate change. Today they missed another deadline".



* The legislative programme is here:
* The Climate Bill is still on list C as it was back in April.



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